MUD 81 Update – (November 2019)
Construction has begun on the wastewater treatment plant expansion project. The contractor has mobilized equipment on site and has begun electrical work that is required for the project. This project will continue for several months. The pad site for the planned 3rd water plant has been completed. Bids for a 12” water line, which will connect the new plant to the existing water line loop of the two current water plants, have been submitted. One will be selected at the December board meeting. Finally, bids will be submitted for review and selection at the December meeting for the initial phase of televising and rehabbing (as required) of sewer lines. Work will likely start in January.

The fiscal year budget for MUD 81 is developed and approved annually. The budget is typically approved in September for the fiscal year October 1 to September 30. The 2019-2020 Operating Budget is $1,820.039, with the Debt Service Budget set at $900,693. The link below provides an itemized listing of the current year’s Operating Budget, as well as unaudited monthly financial results. In addition, the District’s “Annual Audit Report” may be viewed via the following link to the Texas State Comptroller’s website. Click here to view FBMUD81's annual audit report.

October, 2019

Results for the October Operating Budget show a deficit of $24,522. This deficit is due solely to Maintenance Tax receipts. Maintenance tax statements have been mailed to all MUD 81 property owners for payment. The majority of payments is received in December and January, which will offset the deficit. Revenue from water and sewer services for October exceeded budget by $17,307 and expenses were $737 over budget, resulting in a surplus of $16,570 for the major operating components.

TAX RATE FOR 2019: $0.345/$100
On September 24, 2019 the Board of Directors for Fort Bend County Municipal Utility District 81 approved the following tax rate for 2019: October, 2019
Total Tax Rate(per $100 of appraised value):
This rate is applied as follows:
Maintenance and Operations:
Debt Service:
While the overall tax rate remains the same as 2018, the above rates provide a reallocation of $0.016 from Debt Service to Maintenance and Operations. This small rate shift provides increased funds for repair, upgrade and maintenance of existing infrastructure. In mid-2019, the Board commissioned Jones and Carter, the District’s Consulting Engineers, to produce a five-year Capital Improvements Plan (CIP). This Plan provides a guide for suggested capital expenditures on equipment upgrades and overhauls, equipment and infrastructure replacement and overall facilities review. Using the CIP as a guide, the Board of Directors allocated $383,000 for capital improvements and special projects within the District in the 2019-2020 budget. Specific projects include the inspection and cleaning of sewer lines constructed in the 1980’s and recoating of various water tanks.

Water: What You Pay For
Have you wondered what services your water bill covers. The Alliance for Water Efficiency video provides some answers.

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