MUD 81 Update – (July 2019)
Typically, this time of year Weston Lakes is hot and dry and water usage increases. The following are suggestions for water conservation and usage:
  • Water your lawn in the early morning or late evening.
  • Ensure sprinkler heads are not leaking and are watering your lawn, not the street.
  • Repair faucet and toilet leaks promptly.
The District is embarking on two major construction projects. A $4MM contract for expanding the wastewater treatment plant has been approved by the Board of Directors. Construction on the project should begin within the next 60 days. The second major project is the construction of an additional water plant. The initial phase of the project, constructing a well pad site and associated water detention area, has been completed. Solicitation for bids for the actual water plant construction should occur within the next 90 days. In addition, the District’s engineering consulting firm, Jones and Carter, has completed an initial “Capital Improvements Plan” for the existing facilities within the District. This plan will assist the Board in determining what infrastructure projects need to be considered over the next five years. .
The tax rate for the 2019-2020 fiscal year will be set by October 1, 2019. The budget, based on this tax rate, will be posted on this website in October 2019.

Tax Rate for 2018 is $0.345/$100
On September 25,2018 the Fort Bend Municipal Utility District 81 approved the following tax rate for 2018:
Total Tax Rate (per $100 of value):
This rate is applied as follows:
Maintenance and Operations:
Debt Service:
While the overall tax rate has increased $0.0150/$100 or 4.55% over the 2017 tax rate, the average residential homestead appraised value in Weston Lakes decreased by 5.63% over the same period. Hence, the tax paid on the average homestead value in Weston Lakes will decrease by $19.43 in 2018.
The increased tax rate was applied primarily to the District’s increase in debt service. In 2017 the District approved two major infrastructure improvements: 1. The addition of a 3rd water production plant, to be located near Bowser Road which will provide the long sought 3rd water well, and 2. The expansion of and process improvements to the District’s waste water treatment plant to meet current effluent standards. To fund these two major infrastructure projects and the costs related to annexing portions of The Reserve, the District issued bonds totaling $12.84MM.
In addition to the undertaking of the major projects listed above, the District continues to fund ongoing maintenance and improvements to the existing water delivery and waste treatment facilities. With a major portion of these facilities being in service for over 30 years, maintenance and repairs continue to increase.

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