MUD 81 Update – (March 2018)
As your Board advised in our September 2017 comments, we continue to deal with the unknown effects of Harvey with respect to our tax base. Your Board is participating in the reassessment of damaged properties by the Fort Bend Appraisal District. We are watching these developments closely.

Our reports of May and September 2017 covered our plans to upgrade our waste treatment facilities, provide a backup water supply and accommodate growth of Weston Lakes. The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) has now approved our application. This approval enabled the Board, during our February meeting, to approve the immediate issuance of $12,800,000 in bonds to cover these projects.

Our Waste Treatment Plant will be upgraded, at a cost of $5.6million, to meet the always evolving and latest water quality requirements for our treated effluent going into the Brazos. At the same time we will be addressing the increasing solids loadings that result from our more efficient (less water) appliances which have a significant effect on the original plant design criteria. This work will enable the District to meet all foreseeable capacity requirements of the District.

The new Water Treatment Plant and the associated interconnecting water line, at a cost of $5.5million, allows the drilling of an additional water well we have long sought for use in an emergency should one of our current wells be lost during a high use period. Our options have been constrained by TCEQ restrictions on how far the well had to be from the existing well in Water Plant #2. With the expansion of Weston Lakes and MUD 81 toward Bowser Road and the donation of the necessary site property, we can now meet these minimum distance requirements. Along with the well, raw water treatment facilities will be included to provide the flexibility and capacity necessary to meet future requirements.

Lastly, $1.7million will cover the needed water/sewage lines and drainage facilities for the ongoing expansion of Weston Lakes. This portion of the bond cost will be recovered in taxes over time as home sites are developed, sold and added to our tax base.

Tax Rate for 2017 rounded up to $.33/$100
This .21% increase of $.0007/$100 for 2017 reflects a very modest rate increase from that in effect for 2016. Given that the average taxable value of our homes fell from $444,463 for 2016 to $437,867 for 2017, the average homeowner will see a decrease in MUD 81 taxes of $18.66 to $1444.96 or 1.27%. This 2017 tax rate will allow the District to assume additional bond debt while providing the operating funds needed to operate our facilities. Additionally it will allow the District to replenish it standby fund to the recommended levels for excellent bond ratings, a fund reduced slightly when we repaired the lift stations during 2017 out of operating funds rather than issue bonds.

Water Quality Reports
FBMUD No. 81 's water is regulated by the U.S. EPA. Providing safe and reliable drinking water is the highest priority of our district.

Water: What You Pay For
Have you wondered what services your water bill covers. The Alliance for Water Efficiency video provides some answers.

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