The Board has cancelled the Election on May 5.  No residents submitted the required documents to oppose Directors Utterback and Meyers who were running for re-election.  Accordingly, the Board has cancelled the election and Directors Utterback and Meyers will remain on the Board for a new 4 Year term beginning May 5, 2018.

MUD 81 Update - (September 2017)
Harvey and its effect on the future for MUD 81 is an unknown at this time. While the MUD facilities were not significantly affected and operated through the storm, the affected homes were all located in our area of responsibility. It can be anticipated that our Weston Lakes tax base will be affected. We will watch this closely.

For now, your Board has agreed to be a part of the governmental taxing entities requesting the Fort Bend Appraisal District to reassess the damaged properties. Our attorney is preparing the paperwork required to effect our participation. For now the 2017 taxes will be billed and collected at the assessed values with any adjustments to follow.

Updating our report of May 2017 regarding our plan to upgrade our facilities, provide backup of water supply and accommodate continued growth, we are currently seeking approval from the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) for approval to issue $13MM in bonds; bonds which will actually be issued over time as needed. The current status is:

      Expansion and processing upgrade to our Sewage Treatment Plant. The upgrade to provide additional flexibility and rehab the existing equipment will be completed in October 2017. The bond project will now allow us to expand the processing capacity to accommodate the increasing solids loading and insure we can meet the always evolving and latest effluent (to the Brazos) requirements. This work will enable the District to meet all foreseeable capacity requirements of the District.
      The addition of a new Water Supply Plant. The first portion of the bonds to be issued will cover a third water Plant and an additional well to be placed on property donated to the district. The engineering is proceeding to be ready upon TCEQ’s approval. This expansion will insure water availability for current and future residents.

Tax Rate for 2017 rounded up to $.33/$100
This .21% increase of $.0007/$100 for 2017 reflects a very modest rate increase from that in effect for 2016. Given that the average taxable value of our homes fell from $444,463 for 2016 to $437,867 for 2017, the average homeowner will see a decrease in MUD 81 taxes of $18.66 to $1444.96 or 1.27%. This 2017 tax rate will allow the District to assume additional bond debt while providing the operating funds needed to operate our facilities. Additionally it will allow the District to replenish it standby fund to the recommended levels for excellent bond ratings, a fund reduced slightly when we repaired the lift stations during 2017 out of operating funds rather than issue bonds.

Water Quality Reports
FBMUD No. 81 's water is regulated by the U.S. EPA. Providing safe and reliable drinking water is the highest priority of our district.

Water: What You Pay For
Have you wondered what services your water bill covers. The Alliance for Water Efficiency video provides some answers.

Fort Bend MUD #81 - MonthlyEnergy Reports
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