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Fort Bend MUD 81 is a political subdivision approved in 1985 by the order of the Texas Water Commission (predecessor to the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality or TCEQ who supervises MUD 81 activities today). MUD 81 is located just west of Fulshear, Texason the south side of FM 1093 (Westheimer and the Westpark Tollway to the east.). The District is within the boundaries of the City of Weston Lakes which was incorporated in 2008. The Board of Directors are elected for 4 year overlapping terms (for example; 3 in 2020 and 2 in 2022)

The original developer of Weston Lakes, United Financial Corporation, created Fort Bend MUD 81 on March 31, 1986, empowering it to purchase, construct, operate and maintain facilities and plants to necessary for the supply of water; the collection, transportation and treatment of wastewater; and the storm water collection and sewer system. MUD 81 also handles trash collection and disposal.

The original fresh water and treatment facilities were designed to the then standards to cover the entire original plat of Weston Lakes. However, this did not happen as financial conditions led to the southern part of Weston Lakes, known as Riverwood, along the Brazos River to be developed separately using different and mostly incompatible technology.

Today the City of Weston Lakes is expanding to the west and MUD 81 is supporting this effort. The waste treatment capacity not used by Riverwood is being utilized. As the TCEQ requirements for water effluent leaving the waste treatment facilities into the Brazos have increased, MUD 81 is installing facilities to meet the updated requirements based on the original capacity. It will be necessary to add a third water plant, allowing a new water well to make certain we have fresh water capacity should one of the plants have a maintenance issue. Previous efforts to provide this needed well were limited by TCEQ requirements regarding the distances between wells.

At the time of formation, $39.5million in bonds were approved by vote to finance the Indebtedness incurred constructing and maintaining the needed infrastructure for the development of Weston Lakes. To date MUD 81 has issued approximately $28.3million of the originally authorized bonds. Should a need for bonding exceeding $39.5million arise in the future, another authorizing election will be necessary.

  • During this time of social distancing and self quarantine one thing still stands true, WATER still flows!

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