Fiscal Year Budget


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FINANCIAL SUMMARY - March 2020 - FBMUD 81 Board of Directors

The overall financial requirements for Fort Bend Mud 81 are provided from a combination of tax receipts and billings for water and sewage services.Specifically, the required debt service for the District’s outstanding bonds is paid from tax collections, while the District’s ongoing maintenance and operations (M&O) costs are covered primarily by the combination of tax collections and monthly billings for services. For the tax year 2020 monthly billings are planned to cover 53% of revenue requirements, with tax receipts covering 43%. Most tax revenues are typically collected in December and January of each tax year.At March 31, 2020, 96.2% of levied taxes have been collected.

For the six (6) months ended March 31, 2020, the Maintenance and Operations Revenues from monthly billings for water and sewer totaled $496,384.This total exceeds the planned budget by 3%. At the same time, tax revenues collected for (M&O) expenses totaled $765,197, or 3% less than projected.It is anticipated that this short fall in tax revenues will be recovered by fiscal year end. Expenses for the six (6) months ended March 31, 2020 were $656,614, which is 3% less than planned.Overall, the net financial position of the District is within planned and budgeted expectations.

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HISTORICAL - Fiscal Year Budgets

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