Fiscal Year Budget


For the three (3) months ending December 31, 2019, actual operating results for MUD 81 showed Revenues exceeding Expenditures by $77,523. This surplus was driven primarily by repetitive sources of income (water and sewage revenue) exceeding expectations by $31,233 and ongoing operational expenses being $35,965 below expectations. It is anticipated that the timing of all revenues and expenses will be normalized over the fiscal year to be within planned year-end balance.

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Current budget and yearly progress through previous month:

MUD 81 Budgets cover a fiscal year of October 1 to September 30. This allows the Directors to have an almost completed year as the next budget is prepared, meeting the legal requirements for setting tax rates. This includes developing the Budget, discussion at the open meeting in August, publishing the tax rate for public comment and formally passing the Budget at the September meeting. By clicking on the link below, all Patrons have access to the monthly unaudited current financial results as discussed in the last Director’s meeting with the Operator and Consultants. It includes the Budget, the Year to Date actuals, the prorated Year to date Budget and the projected actuals. (The prorations and projections are based on 12 periods rarely show even flows.) In the October meeting, the Directors receive the final unaudited results for the previous year along with the adopted budget for the coming year. This allows MUD 81 patrons to see item by item what to expect in changes for the coming fiscal year.

The October 2018 report starts this process. It notes to final unaudited results for 2018 and the budget for 2019. In November and every month thereafter, the status as we progress through the fiscal year will be updated.

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