For the ten (10) months ended July 31, 2020, revenues for MUD 81 totaled $1.7MM. The major components of the revenue stream were water and sewer billings of $841M and maintenance tax receipts of $802M. On August 31, 99.1% of levied taxes had been paid, with the remaining balance due primarily to deferrals as allowed by law. Expenses for the 10 months totaled $1.3MM, resulting in a surplus of $428M. The surplus is due in large part to planned capital expenditures that have not yet been completed and billed.

MUD 81 Neighborhood Update
The wastewater treatment plant that serves Weston Lakes MUD 81 residents is currently being expanded and upgraded to a state-of-the-art treatment facility. This construction project will require a significant concrete pour on Friday, September 11, 2020. As a result, on Friday morning, several concrete trucks will be entering Weston Lakes in route to the wastewater treatment plant on Whitburn Trail. It is expected that the activity will be concluded by late afternoon on Friday. We apologize for any inconvenience and we appreciate your patience.

Truck Traffic in Weston Lakes
Ongoing construction to expand and upgrade the MUD 81 waste treatment plant has necessitated dump trucks removing excavated material from the site and traveling through Weston Lakes. The General Contractor of the project reached an agreement with Mike Surface for Mr. Surface to receive the excavated material at his property on the west side of Weston Lakes. This agreement between the two parties provides for a much shorter and less disruptive route than utilizing the Reserve or Front gate. This minimizes the time the trucks are on Weston Lakes roads, minimizes traffic congestion and shortens the overall transportation plan of the project.

MUD 81 apologizes for the inconvenience of the truck traffic. The contractor and the truck drivers have been instructed to obey speed limits, observe stop signs and in general be mindful of the residents of Weston Lakes. Again, MUD 81 appreciates your patience for this important improvement project.

2020 Waterboard Director’s Election
The rules governing the election of MUD 81 Board Members require that submission of an application for candidacy be filed with the MUD attorney by Feb. 14, 2020. Three director positions terms were expiring, and two current directors submitted proper applications to rerun for office while the third declined to rerun. The public announcement of the election of Board members resulted in two additional people submitting applications for candidacy creating the need to plan for an election. However, one candidate later withdrew his application.

Being that there were three candidates left for the three Director open positions, there was no need for the MUD to participate in an election which by Governor’s direction would have been delayed from May 2 until Nov. 3.

MUD 81 Update – Covid 19
During this time of social distancing and self quarantine one thing still stands true, WATER still flows!

Residents need to know they will still see Inframark trucks and field personnel performing their daily tasks that are part of maintaining the collection and distribution systems.

The appropriate personal protective equipment will be used by personnel during these daily tasks. Also, we have asked them to keep the appropriate social distance (6 feet) ifapproached by a resident.

According to the World Health Organization, “the presence of the COVID-19 virus has not been detected in drinking-water supplies and based on current evidence the risk to water supplies is low.”

EPA’s drinking water regulations require treatment at public water systems to remove or kill pathogens, including viruses.

More CDC information is available at:

More EPA information is available at:

TAX RATE FOR 2019: $0.345/$100
On September 24, 2019 the Board of Directors for Fort Bend County Municipal Utility District 81 approved the following tax rate for 2019: October, 2019
Total Tax Rate(per $100 of appraised value):
This rate is applied as follows:
Maintenance and Operations:
Debt Service:
While the overall tax rate remains the same as 2018, the above rates provide a reallocation of $0.016 from Debt Service to Maintenance and Operations. This small rate shift provides increased funds for repair, upgrade and maintenance of existing infrastructure. In mid-2019, the Board commissioned Jones and Carter, the District’s Consulting Engineers, to produce a five-year Capital Improvements Plan (CIP). This Plan provides a guide for suggested capital expenditures on equipment upgrades and overhauls, equipment and infrastructure replacement and overall facilities review. Using the CIP as a guide, the Board of Directors allocated $383,000 for capital improvements and special projects within the District in the 2019-2020 budget. Specific projects include the inspection and cleaning of sewer lines constructed in the 1980’s and recoating of various water tanks.

Water: What You Pay For
Have you wondered what services your water bill covers. The Alliance for Water Efficiency video provides some answers.

  • During this time of social distancing and self quarantine one thing still stands true, WATER still flows!

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