Report an Emergency

Fort bend MUD 81 encourages customers to report water or sewage problems by calling Inframark, our Operator, at 281-398-8211, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The calls reporting an emergency are important to as they allow Inframark to locate the cause of the issue and evaluate options to arrive at the most appropriate corrective action. Every situation is different, as some will require an immediate repair, while others may take several days. In some extreme situations, it may be necessary to involve county or state entities. All situations need to be reported to prevent property damage or a waste of precious water resources while keeping our residents safe.

Accordingly, the process of providing the correct information such as location and severity of the emergency allows Inframark to dispatch appropriate personnel to evaluate the situation. During the evaluation process, Inframark will be making a determination as to whether the issue is located on the District’s water or sewage lines, or if it is located within the resident’s water or sewage lines. If it happens to be within the Resident’s responsibility, Inframark will assist in isolating and understanding the issue. Residents should know where the incoming water shut-off valve is located and how to turn it off.

Emergency Preparedness

As required by SB-361, FB MUD 81 has modified all active sewage lift stations for emergency pumping to the waste treatment Plant during an extended power outage. This will be done by using portable diesel driven pumps. All MUD 81 facilities have emergency backup for operation during power outages.

  • During this time of social distancing and self quarantine one thing still stands true, WATER still flows!

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